Whitsunday Creative Arts Festival: 1st to 7th July 2017
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Workshop Details: Framing - Creative Techniques


Trevor Penney from Victoria 


Airle Beach - Whitsundays 

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Recommended that you have attended Introduction to Framing 

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Framing - Creative Techniques with Trevor Penney from Victoria

2 Day Workshop - Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th July

We recommend beginners attend the “Introduction to Picture Framing “ class prior to attending this “Creative Techniques” class as this will give you the best results from both classes and gain maximum value.

This hands on seminar is arranged  in an Open Forum format, where we demonstrate all the techniques and you get to ask all the questions you can think of, you will be given plenty of time to try out some of these techniques that are of particular interest to you and again use the FrameCo equipment that will be on display.

Some of the topics that will be covered are;

  •     Needlework mounting and framing of various types of needlework.

  •     Shadow Boxes and Deep Recess rebates for 3D framing.

  •     Memorabilia mounting and framing techniques.

  •     V Grooving and Freehand cutting

  •     Wrapped mats

The  3D mats and framing techniques will prove to be of particular interest for framing embroideries, and the special techniques on stretching and mounting needle works of all types will save you an enormous amount of time and then you will learn how to uniquely display them. You will also see how to frame other types of 3 dimensional artworks and frame them in special deep recess frames and even learn how to create a shadow box too.

The class is designed to encourage everyone to ask as many questions as you want regarding your own specific framing projects and you are more than welcome, in fact, strongly advised to bring along examples of your works enabling more in depth discussion and more positive results on the best way of framing them. Then you will be encouraged to try out some of techniques using the materials supplied by FrameCo at the class so that your example piece is ready for framing.

This class will assist you to take your picture framing skills to even greater levels.

If you wish you are able to purchase any of the FrameCo range of equipment and get expert  advice on which tools will best suit your individual needs, to ensure you get maximum benefit from the class.

The illustration is a frame completed after taking instruction from Trevor in a previous workshop.

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