Whitsunday Creative Arts Festival: 1st to 7th July 2017
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Workshop Details: Design Your Favourite Scene


Jennifer Bennett from Victoria 


Airle Beach - Whitsundays 

Skill Level:

Some embroidery knowledge required 

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Design Your Favourite Scene with Jennifer Bennett from Victoria

2 Day Workshop - Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th JulyTractor by Lyn Dowsett

Your house or garden, a walk in your favourite park or the snap shot of your favourite holiday scene. During this workshop you will recreate your favourite picture. Jen will print your favourite photo onto osnaberg fabric (A4) and will choose the stitches needed to recreate your design, using the best texture of threads to suit your chosen scene, bringing your picture to life.

If you wish to book into this workshop, the closing date will be 15th May as each student will have a personalised program for their unique design.

The images shown are those of 3 students who kindly gave us permission to display their completed designs. The beautiful garden scene is Jennifer Bennett's. 

By Agnes Scibberas

Skill level: Some embroidery knowledge required.

Kit cost: $77.00 however depending on the design, extra threads, ribbons and beads may be required but can be purchased at the Event shop if needed.

Kit will include printed picture onto osnaberg fabric, backing fabric, a selection of threads, ribbons, beads, needles, notes, patterns and photo.

 Countryside by Charmaine Potter



 Design you favourite scene by Jennifer Bennett

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